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WIRE GROUP believes in building a successful and durable business by applying the management system and the processes that will allow continuous improvements of the quality of services and products delivered to our customers while always protecting people and the environment.

The QHSE commitment is required from the WIRE GROUP team and everyone is accountable. The leadership of the management is the key to ensure the implementation and communication of all policies and standards as well as involvement and motivation of all staff to participate to our following QHSE principles:

  • Always protect health, safety and security of people.

  • Ensure our customer’s satisfaction by constantly improving quality control and avoiding HSE accidents through the usage of the management system.

  • Be prepared to respond to emergency situation with planned mitigation measures.

  • Respect of our environment and Contribution to the neighboring communities Our QHSE policy is the backbone of our business success. Compliance to these principles to regulations and to our standards is mandatory.

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WIRE GROUP Management System

The WIRE GROUP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (WGMS) defines our expectations regarding how will be conducted our business and operations in all aspects (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Service Delivery, Product Development, Project Management, etc.).

The WGMS adopts a structure base on 10 elements, embedded in a continual improvement loop as is common to leading integrated management systems.
The WGMS incorporates the requirements of applicable industry quality standards and comprises the elements as shown in the diagram above.
These elements and their interactions are continuously monitored and improved by :

  • Controls: conformity Checks to standard and procedures

  • Corrections: conformity checks to the WGMS

  • Improvements: modifications to the WGMS